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It all begins with a custom website. We build it, design it, write it, optimize it and host it. Your site gets developed around your company, your culture and your customers.

  • Attractive, completely customized web design
  • New website creation, or refreshing/enhancing of existing site
  • No templates
  • Mobile websites
  • Professional copywriting and proofreading
  • All services performed in-house
  • Secure web hosting
  • Full email service with webmail
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Comprehensive site maintenance plans
  • Toll-free “instant response” support
  • Periodic site refreshing
  • … and much, much more

For stand-alone web development solutions, click through to GetWebCreate.com

Give your customers a reason to return to your website again and again, with account management applications and so much more.

  • Account Look-Up
  • Detailed account management
  • Dynamic, customized content fields
  • Works with virtually any operations software
  • Email capture and verification
  • View balance and previous transactions
  • Easy online payment
  • Service contract status and enrollment
  • Budget plan calculator and enrollment
  • Automatic consolidation for multiple account holders
  • Marketing integration and seasonal reminders
  • Service and tune-up scheduler
  • Request delivery
  • Show delivery history
  • Customizable for other account data as requested

For stand-alone account look-up solutions, click through to GetInVue.com

PriMedia’s unique customer loyalty rewards system gives you more ways to thank your customers for their business … and more reasons for your customers to stick around!

  • Daily calculations of rewards points
  • Automatic system frees up employees
  • Email capture and verification
  • Facebook integration
  • Wide variety of options for rewards
  • Flexible coupon code system
  • Customer choice in redemption options
  • Bonus points at your discretion
  • Increase sales and services
  • Enhance your diversified services marketing

For stand-alone loyalty rewards solutions, click through to OnPointRewards.com

Simplify risk management and price protection enrollment, while offering unsurpassed flexibility that works with your existing contracts. Multiple programs, tiered pricing, local discounts and expiration dating can all be managed – and revised – at will.

  • Streamline price protection enrollments
  • Email capture and verification
  • Track and manage gallons protected
  • Coordinate with your risk management programs
  • Define limits and alert levels
  • Federal E-Sign compliant for legally binding contracts
  • Fully customizable
  • Tiered pricing
  • Local/regional discounts
  • Administrator override of default settings
  • Pricing expiration and lock-out dates
  • Utilize your existing contracts and documents
  • Reduce expenses for printing, processing and postage
  • Connect to your online payment gateway
  • Detailed custom reports

For stand-alone price protection and risk management solutions, click through to GetPricePoint.com

Take your customer service to the next level, with our bill presentment and payment solution. The paperless billing option appeals to your web-savvy and environmentally-concerned customers, and gets you paid more quickly!

  • Mailed or electronic bill presentment
  • Transition to paperless billing
  • Email capture and verification
  • Reduce postage and printing costs
  • Reduce staff time spent on billing
  • Processes invoices instantly
  • Include marketing messages, coupons or promotions on each invoice
  • Accept payment online, via telephone or by mail
  • Lockbox feature
  • PCI Compliant storage of customer information
  • Schedule and process automatic payments

For stand-alone bill presentment and payment solutions, click through to GetPossiBill.com

PriMedia’s Internet marketing solution was developed to make it easier for customers … and potential customers … to find you online.

  • Email marketing
  • Email capture and verification
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other networks
  • Reputation management
  • Banner advertising
  • Viral marketing
  • QR codes
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others

For stand-alone online marketing solutions, click through to GetFireWeb.com

With ServicePoint, you can offer custom service contracts, including tiered pricing levels, local discounts and customer accommodations. ServicePoint’s expiration feature lets you tie in service contract enrollment with limited-time offers, promoting quicker customer response.

  • Utilizes your existing service contracts, terms and conditions
  • “Set it and forget it” with company-wide defaults
  • Auto-fills data fields with customer information and pricing
  • “I agree” check boxes can be included as needed
  • Stores and archives completed service agreements
  • PDF contracts are emailed to client for his/her files
  • Completely electronic; reduces paper, processing and postage expenses
  • Automated system is accessible 24/7
  • Connects to your online account management portal

For stand-alone online service contract solutions, click through to GetServicePoint.com

Introducing LeadPro, PriMedia’s new and exclusive lead tracking system. Fully customizable to meet all your business goals, LeadPro can help you increase profits by optimizing your company’s lead tracking capabilities and maximizing the sales potential of every lead.

For stand-alone online marketing solutions, click through to LeadProNow.com

One billion smart phone users and counting … and nearly every one is staying in touch by text message. In fact, 95% of text messages are opened! Now you can use text messaging and more to promote new products, offer specials, strengthen client relations, increase communications, and connect even in emergency weather situations with TextPoint!

For stand-alone online marketing solutions, click through to GoTextPoint.com


mailZOOM! Email Marketing and Communications

Results. They’re all that really matter in business, and with PriMedia’s new custom email platform, mailZOOM!, you’ll get just that.

  • Build better relationships with customers
  • Boost your sales
  • Retain old customers and reach new ones
  • Promote new products and services
  • Stay top-of-mind for customers
  • Track results on promotions
  • All at an easy, low cost 

For stand-alone email marketing solutions, click through to GetMailZOOM.com